Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Favorite Dress!

 Dress: Topshop; Shoes: Converse; Jacket: JC Penney
All photos by Nicole Gutzmann's been a while since I've posted.  I've been busy with school, theater, and my family.  These were taken by my good friend, Nicole Gutzmann.  She's pretty amazing!

:) Carol


  1. That's a really cute dress! Pretty lace and I love the way it's cut. Love the accents (converse and leather jacket)! You look great!

  2. omg soo in love with your dress! I was already wowed by the colour and lace material, but then I saw the cut on the side. So pretty! Cute photos too :)

  3. You look stunning, love that dress :))) Beauty you are :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Was away for the week, just popped on for a minute...will be back on Monday :)) Enjoy yourself xx

  4. i can see why it's your favorite. i love it on you. and i love you made it more casual with the chucks and that great jacket!

  5. Hellooo Carol :) thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I love your hair!

    your new gfc follower :D

  6. Nice outfit! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) Sure, we can follow each other. Follow me via GFC and let me know, then I'll follow you back immediately ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  7. Great Look, Love how you paired this lovely lace dress with a pair of converses,great day look!
    lovely blog btw, You have such a lovely hair
    maybe we could follow each other

  8. I'm in love with your dress ! *-*

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  9. the color is great on you...and i'm loving your hair here!


  10. I truly understand why it is your favorite dress I'm in love with it! The color, the cut everything is perfect and it's so versatile can wear it in so many ways. You look so beautiful also and don't know if I ever told you but I love your hair :)

  11. lovely and the jump poses are great!


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